Make your growing problem, our concern!

With our range of purpose built tree equipment and that of industry partners, we cover all aspects of tree work.

Safety of our staff and those on or near our job sites is first priority, so be assured that every job will be carried out safely by professionals.


  • Shelterbelt removal quote.jpgOur 20 tonne short radius excavator is fitted with a hydraulic tree shear that enables us to reach up to approx 10 metres and take firmly hold of the tree top before shearing through trucks up to 500mm
  • Mechanical Topping eliminates the hazards to property and people as cutting is done from the safety of the operator cab.
  • Shelter belt removal, our equipment is ideal for confined orchard & driveway work. (Zero tail swing digger and self loading woodchipper.)
  • Controlled tree dismantling (Treeshear on the digger, cranes for the really big trees and highly experienced tree climbers.)

Chipping and Cleanup

  • WeChipper_and_Scania.jpg have a 350hp tracked, self loading wood chipper for those big jobs, ideal for confined areas and where traction is a issue for towed chippers. This is the only chipper of its kind in Waikato, Auckland and Northland.
  • We also have 12 & 18 inch chippers available for smaller jobs or where a tracked machine is not suitable.
  • The chip can remain on site for your use or we can remove it with our trucks. Chipping is proving a very effective cleanup method, it saves smoke issues, neighbour complaints and visits from the fire brigade. By the time a digger has to stoke up the fires, it's often not to much difference in price. Auckland 'super city'' rules mean that it is illegal to burn green trees.


  • Land clearing, pre subdivision work, site clearance.Landclearing.jpg
  • Orchard removals, i.e kiwi fruit removal (PSA infected or conversions to green etc) We have worked with Kiwifruit Vine Health.
  • Diary conversions.
  • Creek & river clearance, willow removal and selective removal of unwanted species.
  • Logging, smaller blocks and shelterbelts. We have a highly respected log buyer for good straight quality wood with correct age to it.