Instant, high quality, roll-out lawn.

Price is per square meter. Each roll is 2500mm x 400mm. Thickness is 10-15mm. Average weight is 14kg.


Retail $12 /m2

ROLAWN New Season Tall Fescue

Dark green colour

Medium-coarse leaf texture

Tolerates mottled shade

Climatically robust with added winter activity

Tolerates wet and dry

Mowing heights between 40 – 80 mm

Fair wear tolerance

Pest resistance

Retail $12 /m2



Retail $14 /m2

Not currently in stock.

ROLAWN Fine Turf Rye

Medium fine leaf texture

Medium dark green colour

Gentle creeping activity

Tolerates up to 30% mottled shade

The ultimate bare-foot lawn

Mow at 20mm height

Good wear tolerance



Currently over sown with Rye to give stronger rolls, easier installation and faster turf establishment.

The addition of Rye also provides a more durable surface and pleasing appearance in the cooler months.

The ideal turf for more rugged play areas and where irrigation may be limited.