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Kiln-dried Hotmix

Hotmix Firewood is our popular 1/3 hardwood & 2/3 softwood mix.

It contains both fast burning (pine) and slow burning (gum) wood, perfect to get your fire started and keep it roaring.

This product has been put through a kiln, ensuring nice dry firewood ready to burn today.

40L Bag - $15 each

1/2m3 - $80

1m3 - $150

Kiln-dried Pine Off-cuts

Back by popular demand!

These kiln-dried (untreated) pine off-cuts are a cheap and easy option to get your fire started.

Tip: Stack the blocks on top of each other to make one big block when burning.

40L Bag - $10 each

1/2m3 - $50

1m3 - $90 **ON SALE** $80 per cube (July special!)

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Samba Firelighters - 36 pack

$3.50 ea

Please note our firewood is sold by the thrown cubic metre.

To place your order, contact us on 09 294 7541, or

visit us at our yard, 88 Ararminu Road, Ramarama, just off the Southern Motorway.

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