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Timberline Contracting Vehicles & Machinery

We have a large range of vehicles and machinery available to tackle any job required.

Our Bandit 2090 whole tree chipper is a tree eating beast. With a 350hp cummins engine it provides the power to chip whole trees and up to 24inch chip diameter. The chipper is on tracks and self loading.

Use this option for tidy clean up. The chip can be left on site or carted away.

Bandit 2090 Whole Tree Chipper
Hitachi Diggers

Our two Hitachi ZX225US are zero tail swing diggers with a operating weight of 25ton.

Our machines are purpose built to efficiently top and remove trees in a safe and controlled manner. Ideal of orchards, shelter belts and tight spots.

Our main attachment is a unique tree-shear which can effortlessly top trees up to 10 meters high and will slice through 1/2 meter tree trunks without a problem.

Set up with all the Health and Safety equipment, safety signage, tools & tree felling gear, we are ready to take on any job.

Work Utes

Having our own transporter gives us the flexibility to shift our own machines with no delay. We can start a job when we are needed and it keeps the cost down for our customer.

Our tractor mulcher takes care of the finishing touches, leaving your property tidy of sticks and other debris caused by tree removal.

Tractor with mulcher attachment
Tip trucks

Our 10m3, 25m3 and 35m3 trucks work together to help cart away chip or bin-wood to leave your property tidy on completion.

Our large 35m3 Kenworth is the newest addition to our truck family. The bin can be changed from the high-sides shown in the picture, to a low sided bin and even a log trailer.