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Tree Topping and Shelter-Belt Removal

We are a professional Tree Work Company based in Franklin, South Auckland.

An industry leader in shelter belt topping, tree removal and whole tree chipping. Our state-of-the-art machinery is designed specifically for efficient, cost effective tree removal in even the tightest of spaces. Offering complete clean-up solutions, you will hardly know that your trees were even there.

Our 20 tonne short radius excavator is fitted with a hydraulic Treeshear that enables us to reach up to approx 10 metres and take firmly hold of the tree top before shearing through trunks up to 500mm.

Mechanical Topping eliminates the hazards to property and people as cutting is done from the safety of the operator cab.

Tree Topping with Digger
Photos of tree work carried out

Our equipment is ideal for confined orchard & driveway work. (Zero tail swing digger and self loading woodchipper.)

Controlled tree dismantling (Treeshear on the digger, cranes for the really big trees and highly experienced tree climbers.)